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Why you need to get yourself a sketchbook

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Sometimes people ask me to I got good at drawing or how they can get better at drawing themselves.

And I always reply with: The best investment of the Pixeld project was the acquisition of a sketchbook.
It’s one of the cheapest and basic tools at your disposal, yet it is one you just can not go without.

Practice makes perfect, and that practice happens in your sketchbook.
You sketchbook is your personal artistic journal, where you draw whatever you want and whenever you want it.
It serves many purposes:

  • You’re allowed to make mistakes
  • you can to try out things you’ve never drawn before
  • you can copy other artists works
  • you can take notes in it
  • you can stick snippets from other sources in it as a reference
  • you’re free to choose if you want to keep it to yourself or share it with your friends, family or other artists
  • and most of all; you can look back in old sketchbooks and admire the progress you have made

I personally have lots of sketchbooks:

  • a hardbound one with thick white paper when I feel like using my markers (more on these later)
  • a hardbound one with brown recycled paper (my favorite)┬áto make all the colors pop out
  • a softbound one for scribbles
  • and some Moleskine Evernote notebooks

As a side project I have decided to make a video of each full sketchbook as a way of documenting my progress.

I can only advise on drawing every single day. I’ve been doing it (almost) consistently for the past two years and I’ve grown a lot since starting.
I thank my progress to my sketchbooks.

Happy sketching!